Nuwe Baadjie New Jacket

Well-known Afrikaans singer/songwriter Jannie du Toit, invites you to dress his music in A NEW JACKET 

'n Nuwe Baadjie

Jannie du Toit's music career winds like a golden thread through the Afrikaans music landscape of the past fifty years. As part of the “Musiek en Liriek” movement of the late seventies, he has always strived to unite Afrikaans lyrics and music in an artistically sound marriage. He was initially part of the folk music group Trilogie, which won an honorary mention award at the American Song Festival in 1976 with their song "Droom langs stille waters". Although he qualified as a lawyer, he eventually embarked on a solo music career. He had no doubt that making music was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life and now regards himself blessed that it turned out that way thus far. It was especially “'n Liedjie vir jou”, written in 1978, that alerted the public to his music and resulted in a recording contract.

Throughout his career Jannie did not only sing in Afrikaans and English, but also included the cabaret music of European artists such as Jules de Corte (Dutch) and Jacques Brel (French) in his repertoire. The vast body of songs that he wrote during half a century is regarded by some as his most important contribution to Afrikaans music. He considers the 25 years he has worked with the brilliant pianist, composer, arranger and accompanist, Christa Steyn, to be the biggest highlight of his career.

Jannie celebrated his 70th birthday on 13 December 2021 and on that day the competition, ‘N NUWE BAADJIE, kicked off. He presents the competition - aimed at musicians aged 35 years and younger - in collaboration with the cultural organization ATKV, VONK MUSIEK and Bloemfontein based RADIO ROSESTAD. The idea is that participants can listen to Jannie's songs and dress it in A NEW JACKET - i.e. make a new arrangement in any musical style whatsoever, There are 50 mp3’s posted under “Music” above to choose from.

Entry is for free and the competition closes at midnight on May 13, 2022.

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n Nuwe Baadjie

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